A platform for Fitlanthropy

(Fitness + Philanthropy)


Virtual Races

Sentiv’s platform is an all in one solution (mobile & web) for your charity to setup exciting and engaging virtual fitness fchallenges.

Here are some of the things our platform is capable of –

  • Intuitive and interactive experience for participants, their sponsors and your charity
  • Built-in fitness tracker + wearable integration (fitbit, Garmin, etc)
  • Participant managing fundraising with CauseFit™
  • Ability to setup teams to enhance competition in fitness and fundraising
  • End-to-end registration and fee collection services

In-Person Race Support

Sentiv’s mobile app allows you to support your in-person fitness event participants in a far more interactive and intuitive way.

Participants will have access to important information such as –

  • Interactive race routes & maps
  • Lodging & Transport Info for multi-day races
  • Live tracking feature to let their supporters know how far along they are
  • Easy access to race related updates from your Charity
  • Race safety and support information
  • Social media integration
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing software

Sponsored CauseFit

Sponsored CauseFit is a unique way to involve your corporate sponsors and their employees in participating for your charity.

Sponsored CauseFit = Charitable Giving + Wellness + Engagement + Team Building

  • Sponsors pledge a contribution based on participants’ fitness (ex: $1 per mile run)
  • Participants record their fitness activities through Sentiv which gets translated to $ raised
  • Sponsor donates their pledge as participants collectively reach the fitness/ fundraising goal
  • Sponsored CauseFits can be public (open to anyone on the Sentiv platform) or private (within corporation)


A uniquely new solution that holds people accountable to their fitness and fundraising goals.

Sponsor PledgePair your fundraising directly with your fitness.
WorkoutInvite sponsors to contribute to your CauseFit and make them a part of your fitness and fundraising journey.
DonateCauseFit makes it easy to reach your fitness and fundraising goals!

Why it’s a no brainer for non-profits

  • Give the supporters a platform to connect their fitness activities to their fundraising campaigns.
  • A more social platform where participants and donors can interact with one another and non-profits can connect better with their supporters.
  • A mobile + web solution to expand your reach and create a more engaging fundraising process.
  • Keep your supporters motivated and engaged throughout the fundraising process so they hit their fitness and fundraising goals.
  • Offer your sponsors a Fitlanthropy platform so they can use it for team building and wellness programs.

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