Give meaning to miles by sponsoring a CauseFit challenge

Sentiv is a new age fitness platform designed to incentivize people to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

How It Works

Sponsor PledgeSponsors pledge a contribution to a cause/charity based on distance, calories or steps
WorkoutParticipants record their fitness activities which gets translated to $ raised
DonateSponsor donates their pledge as participants collectively reach the goal

Why it’s a no brainer for Sponsors

  • Provides for a way to build meaningful relationships between corporations, their employees, and the community
  • Incredible engagement with your brand all for little to no marketing dollars
  • Charities and participants will drive the engagement
  • Contribution to the cause is tax deductible since it is a charitable donation

App available for beta testing on iOS and Android


1000+ Users on Sentiv

$6000 Raised with Sentiv

143 million steps walked with Sentiv

7800 mi logged with Sentiv

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Connect With Us!

#TWR is an awesome organization for what they do for foster kids!!! I was a fosterkid so its near and dear to me. Not only that… I found Sentiv because of them 😁 My motivation went off the charts once I joined. Perfect timing too because I had slacked off ….not tracking food….not walking or exercising very very minimal. Today I weighed…..34lbs down 😊 Still have a long road ahead of me but it will be easier with our tribe at Sentiv. I continue to tell others and share my experiences with the app.

Stacy Younker

I could go on and on about the app itself, the developers and the small group of folks I’ve come to know while participating in CauseFit Challenges.
Being active is important to me.
Being an active participant in doing a solid for a non profit in need is important to me.
Being able to accomplish both together-really rocks my world.
Its so easy, depending on the CauseFit. Our community of commited CauseFitters is growing with each challenge. Using a social media platform, participants encourage, cheer and yes, compete. We are a team. We encourage, we cheer, we like and we compete.
And we can’t wait for the next CauseFit!

Peggy Sammon

The Sentiv App is by far the most interactive fitness App that I have ever used.I use several daily to track my steps, raise money for Dogs in shelters,but this Application is far different. First off there are different charities and organizations you can pick from to sponsor. I absolutely love that we get notifications about other walkers,runners ,I feel like we are a team. We can send each other messages of encouragement within the App.There is none other like this. I have Stetson the dog and Forgotten Pet Advocate founder Marilyn to thank for Bringing this ingenious Application to my attention.

Marie Lyons

Sentiv is a unique app that seamlessly creates an environment to pursue a more active lifestyle and to have an impact on our community at the same time. It’s like having a 10k every day, in the most painless way possible. The Sentiv app equips users with the ability to compete with friends to live healthier more active lives, where the impact is felt not only on personal health but on causes and communities as well. Using the Sentiv app helped me push a little further or push a little harder, knowing that the efforts I made was going to make an impact that was beyond me. It allowed me to engage in my health in a way that is more than just for me. I look forward to other causes that the Sentiv app can help me get involved with.

Zach Daniels

At first, I started running because I needed to live healthier; then I continued to run because I needed to maintain the healthier lifestyle I was blessed with to live. At some point, I found myself running to run. I greatly desired more from my runs and my running app. I would post on Facebook that if people would donate for a cause, then I’d run it. With no takers and being tired of running for myself, I finally found an app that gave me the incentive I was not only looking for but also dreaming of. Now I’m able to run my runs, take part in challengers while winning money but most importantly run for a cause.

Aaron Burros

Walking is my passion and I love accepting challenges. I walk a lot but never reach to my potential or I would say my upper limit on walking whether it is steps based or GPS based. Using SENTIV I realize that I can do much more and better to achieve my fitness goal. You can also promote or walk for charities you love to support. I gave 5 Star and the best fitness app which makes you work harder and challenging. I also love the feature of challenging your friends/family and have them walk/run for their money. If you are fitness enthuse like me and love challenges then SENTIV is the app for you

Jatin Patel

Sentiv brought together people from all over to help raise funds and awareness to The Forgotten Pet Advocates. Like many small non-profits, we receive no outside financial help, so this group stepping up to combine what they do and what we do, was an awesome team effort. We truly appreciate everyone involved and hope to have future endeavors together.

Marlene Marino