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Meeting With Marlene Marino of Forgotten Pet Advocates

At Sentiv, one of our core missions is to incentivize users to be more physically active with monetary challenges either for themselves (GroupFit) or for a charitable cause (CauseFit). For the latter, we are excited to begin partnering with local charities and show how Sentiv can be a great tool to help raise both awareness and money for a cause you care about while promoting physical activity.

Last week, Koushik Chowdavarapu, Sentiv’s CDO, and I had the pleasure of meeting Marlene Marino, the President of Forgotten Pet Advocates. Marlene has a deep passion for rescuing and caring for mistreated animals, which we were able to witness in-person. Her stories of saving animals from the brink of death and helping them get adopted are simply incredible. The enthusiasm with which she describes her successful rescue-to-adoption stories is almost tangible. In our meeting, we took a casual stroll around the neighborhood and saw her work first-hand. As we were walking, Marlene suddenly pointed at a spot about 100 yards away, “See that black cat over there? We made sure she was well taken care of”. Koushik and I turned and squinted and saw a cat under an old abandoned truck. We could hardly see that far into the sun and yet Marlene knew the cat was there almost instinctively. This is how Marlene operates- she actively seeks out to help animals in need. And believe me, the need is much greater than you or I could imagine.

As an example, Marlene tells us about a recent rescue of two chihuahuas, mother and child. To our dismay the chihuahuas had been chained day and night with no food or water in sight. In addition, the owners had run over- for fun- 6 of the mother’s babies. We were stunned. How could someone run over six baby dogs, for fun?! While Marlene recognized the horrid nature of the act, her focus remained squarely on how to save the remaining chihuahuas. At one point, when the owner was unwilling to give over his abused chihuahuas, Marlene made a daring midnight run with a squeaky toy in order to lure out the surviving mother and baby. The mother proved to be too fearful and the attempt was unsuccessful. But Marlene did not stop there, after a few more weeks Marlene came to an agreement with the owners and was finally able to rescue the dogs. I am happy to say that these two dogs, Violet and Sophia, are currently in the process of adoption. After hearing stories such as these, we realized Marlene was truly a guardian angel for the forgotten and mistreated pets of Houston.

During our meeting, Marlene introduced us to the newest dog rescued by her organization, Stetson, medium sized with a brindled coat. Stetson showed up at someone’s job site – barely alive. A Good Samaritan fed him, while others told her to leave him alone – he was almost dead.She contacted The Forgotten Pet Advocates for help. His condition at the time of rescue was almost unfathomable – he was dehydrated, malnourished, missing patches of hair and skin, and suffering from a contagious mange. After several weeks of intense veterinary care, Stetson is making steps towards a recovery but he will require several more days of care in order to get back to full health. Marlene’s dedication to Stetson is abundantly clear – she takes him out for a daily walk at 11am sharp and beams at how he is now on the road to recovery and hopefully to adoption.

Marlene’s selflessness and passion for helping abandoned pets through Forgotten Pet Advocates is truly inspirational. We, at Sentiv, are delighted to support such a worthy cause and hope that through our platform, we can support her in raising money and awareness for her amazing organization.

To participate in the Forgotten Pet Advocates’ CauseFit challenge, click on the button below. All you have to do is walk! Every step you take raises money for Forgotten Pet Advocates.

Join Stetson's CauseFit

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Thank you,
Dylan Adams
Sentiv Chief Community Outreach Officer

One thought on “Meeting With Marlene Marino of Forgotten Pet Advocates

  • Awesome write up about this wonderful group. They work endlessly to save those that cannot save themselves. Thank you Sentiv for putting on this challenge. It was great fun and for such a worthy cause…thank you

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