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The Stetson Success Story

Who could ever forget Stetson? The story of Stetson tugged at the heart strings of anyone who read about the abuse and neglect he experienced prior to his rescue by the Forgotten Pet Advocates. Forgotten Pet Advocates serves as a voice for neglected, mistreated and abused animals in Houston. Several weeks ago, Koushik and I had the opportunity to meet with Marlene Marino, the energetic leader of this wonderful organization. Forgotten Pet Advocates has been recognized for their outstanding work, previously being named as the top Rescue Organization in Houston. Sentiv was proud to sponsor a CauseFit event with the proceeds going to pay for Stetson’s veterinary care. We are happy to announce that Stetson made a full recovery and was later adopted by a wonderful couple who will be taking care of him going forward.

In a matter of 3 short days we had over 165 people sign up and commit to a goal of walking 10 Million steps, with each step helping raise money for Stetson’s veterinary care. I am happy to report that not only did this group complete the 10 million steps, they actually went above and beyond, reaching nearly 11 million steps in a short two-week period. Every step taken by our supporters brought Stetson closer to his full recovery. Marlene was so appreciative of the effort and dedication each of the participants put into reaching the fitness goals and we here at Sentiv wanted to take a minute to acknowledge some of the Sentiv users that made this such a successful event.

Peggy Sammon and Cynthia George provided encouragement and inspiration throughout the two-week period.

People like Marie Lyons changed their weekend plans to be able to take more steps for the challenge.

Jatin Patel walked over 37,000 steps a day to help the cause!

People like Tina Woods and Brenda Turrentine donated extra funds outside of the app in support of Stetson!

Best of all Stetson found an amazing home and Marlene messaged all of us her gratitude for taking part in this CauseFit.

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  • “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”
    And my personal fave
    Together Everyone Achieves More

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