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5 Reasons You Should Be Using a Fitness Tracking Application

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

There is an adage, “Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going” – this is especially true for you and your fitness. The million-dollar question is, how to make your fitness a habit? Well, that’s where the fitness tracker revolution is making a significant impact. Tracking your fitness and your daily activity by using apps or wearable devices can act as both a motivator and help to keep you going. Keeping an account of your fitness routine encourages you to walk more, take more stairs and even push you to run further each week.

A fantastic way to motivate yourself to exercise is to go beyond just setting goals and tracking your progress. That’s where fitness tracking apps come in. It’s all there in your pocket, or on your wrist – that map of your running route is a powerful visual reminder of your accomplishment. That should be enough to keep you going! Tracking your fitness activity is just the beginning of helping you achieve personal greatness.

The fitness tracker is a wellness device. This is always an ever-useful application to monitor your daily and minute-by-minute fitness agenda. A fitness tracker is your coach, trainer, and best bud who calculates everything needed to push you further to reach your health and fitness goals. There’s a lot you can do with these devices – more than you may imagine.

1. Activity tracker

Count your steps and track your sleep! A fitness activity tracker is great for showing how far you have walked or your quality of sleep each night. Sometimes you spend hours on the couch without even thinking about it. Wearing an activity tracker increases your awareness about how you spend your time not exercising too. Track your water intake TOO – everyone benefits with an adequate amount of water intake. Track your intake to ensure you’ve got your hydration quota for the day or not.

2. Counting your calories

With some apps, you can scan the barcode right off the food you’re eating! In others, your food and the calories it contains are in an enormous database – all you need to do is be honest to the app, and yourself about what and how much you’re eating. Those two slices of pepperoni pizza – 340 calories buddy! So, if you grab a yogurt, protein bar, or a frozen meal, all you must do is scan the barcode and say if you had it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These apps then analyze your food intake. The massive database tracks and calculates things about all the food you eat all day. You can see what you’re eating, spot patterns, tell you what’s missing, and suggest what you need to do to supplement your diet. Once you know what you do – isn’t that a great motivator to improve your diet?

3. Rewarding Yourself

Isn’t it exciting to get cash for achieving goals? Is movie night with popcorn (Large tub – 1200 calories) tempting to you? You can tell your device and set it up as a reward for a week’s worth of achievement. Feel awesome when you achieve each goal! Whether you work better towards daily, weekly, or monthly goals, it allows you to track your progress. If you achieve specific goals or milestones those badges show up on your profile too – like your very own medals.

4. Organizing Group Activities and Challenges

Helen Keller once said, “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”-Yes, instead of doing alone it is always better to do it with a fitness partner. But what if you don’t have anyone at hand – well you can turn to your online tribe.

Track every calorie you’ve burned or that extra mile you crossed and share it with others just like you – just by using the fitness tracker! Being part of a fitness group increases your adrenaline because you push yourself into calorie-burning challenges or weekly walking step counting competitions.

Group activity with fitness tracking for any individual is always motivating as you are not only taking care of your own fitness, you are motivating others to take part and improve their lifestyle too.

5. Supporting Your Favorite Cause

Set a charitable cause you would like to contribute to. Invite others like you to be a part of your mission. Then as each of you does what you have to do to stay fit, your fitness tracker counts down towards your goal. Each milestone you cross – a certain amount of money goes to fund the cause you have set up. You, your friends, and your fitness tracker will all be working (out) towards a worthy cause. The tracker and the app ensure that the activity is logged, the milestones are checked off, and the money moves when it should – neat right?

It’s been said that what gets measured gets managed – this is why tracking your own fitness activity is motivating. You know where you have to get, you know the way to get there and with fitness tracking, you know whether you are on the right path at all times – how can you go wrong? Fitness tracking is more than just a craze, it’s a lifestyle. Is it yours?

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  • Sentive team
    I agree with your post.
    This has really encouraged me to walk more n more. Previously I was not walking daily but after installing sentive I challenge myself to do more workout.

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