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Fun Fundraising – 7 Tips to Raise More Money for Charity

Raising money for charity is not as simple as it may sound. To come up with creative ideas all the time is no easy feat. Budget, time, and venue all need to be considered as well. Underneath all this administrative burden lies what maybe the most important key to a successful charity program. FUN! Fun fundraisers are likely to be more successful and produce better results. It’s simple really – happy people are more likely to give, and happier people likely to give more!

How to make your fundraising fun?

Any fundraiser is a success only when everyone feels involved, and all stakeholders stay with the idea and initiative until the end. People need to remain committed, not lose interest, and stay the course – making it fun for them is one way to do that. Here are 7 quick tips on how to add the fun back into a fundraising event.

1. Plan something fun at each stage

Participants are volunteering their time and money, so you want to keep your event light, friendly, and fun at every stage – not just at the very end. Set up small rewards, even if only pats on the back, when small milestones are crossed. Everyone will work hard to get there but plan it such that when they look back they remember the “fun”.

2. A funny reward

You know what’s the best? Seeing your boss, a parent or a very serious person do funny things or get involved in funny situations. You can incorporate that thread into your events for maximum participation. Think of the “Dunk the clown” stall at the carnival – except when your aim is right it’s the big boss man who falls into the water.

3. Photos

Speaking of seeing things, people always like to take pictures. This is a fantastic fundraising idea. Selfies and Groupfies are all the rage so give people the opportunity to turn the cameras their way with props, set pieces, or other creative situations. A creative option is for a group to dress up with a particular theme in mind. Start up the camera and make some memories.

4. Prizes people want

For your fundraising event make sure you have prizes that people will want to have. Movie tickets, a makeover, gift vouchers, discounts or any prizes along these lines pique the interest of the potential donor. The more the gift resonates with them the better. This is always a wonderful way to engage participants to work toward a fun prize.

5. Bring out the food!

This may need space, time, and effort but the results are always worth it! The people gotta eat. Bring together the best home bakers in the city and you will be amazed at how many prefer home-baked goodness over store bought goodies. Fire up that BBQ in the summer and grill your way to fundraising success.

6. Victory event

Remember that the end should be loaded with fun. Achieving your fundraising goal should be a celebration for everyone involved. This is the time to name names, recognize those who contributed, those who helped, and to show them exactly what their efforts have achieved.

7. Creative fitness-based fun fundraising ideas

Have you considered fitness-based activities for fundraising? These ideas are not only fun but comparatively easier to organize and drive better user participation. They can be done at a small scale and even rolled up into a much larger effort.

Here are some thoughts:

-10,000 Steps Challenge

Get participants excited about reaching a certain goal in a day, week or a month. When there is a visual and achievable goal ahead, users will do their best to reach it. Add up the numbers and assign amounts that go to the charity for each goal achieved.

-Host A 5K

You can organize one for your company and invite friends and family to join -whether walking or running. Have participants walk or run for your cause; record and share updates on social media to get better visibility for your event too.


Like a marathon but wetter, organize one for those who love to swim – and allow them to swim for a cause! Have interesting incentives and prizes for the winners.

It’s right there – staring us in the face this whole time – the FUN is right there in FUNdraiser. So, for the next worthy cause go for it – be serious about what you want to achieve but have fun while getting there.

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