What is Sentiv?

Most people struggle with losing weight and keeping fit. Often, the root cause of this struggle is a lack of motivation. Even educating people on the health benefits of being fit is not enough to motivate people to prioritize exercise. As you likely know, this problem universally impacts society, and while solutions exist, most do not positively change a person’s behavior to take ownership of their fitness. In fact, the health and fitness app market notoriously lacks in motivational factors despite success tracking of fitness activities.

We have created Sentiv – an incentivizing fitness app for social impact as the solution to combat the lack of motivation most of us know well. Sentiv’s primary offering CauseFit is essentially fitness + philanthropy wherein every mile or step that a participant records gets converted to charitable donations; the more one walks, the more they raise. These donations are sourced from sponsors such as corporations (CauseFit-Sponsored) or friends and family (CauseFit-Individual). CauseFit campaigns are designed to bring together people from all over the world to form a virtual community where they motivate one another and work together towards one common goal. CauseFit is a win-win for sponsors, participants and causes alike. Sponsors benefit from driving wellness from within their employees or the community via a charitable donation to the cause. Participants improve their fitness while directly influencing the amount raised for the cause and finally, Causes (charities) benefit by driving the engagement – more engagement equals more funds raised.