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Earn a free 10$ Amazon gift card!*

Earn a $10 Amazon e-gift card.
The time has arrived. It’s the final countdown. Calling ALL Beta testers: this is your time to get in early on an amazing fitness app. You’ve never worked out like this before.
Our Competitors and How We Stack Up
What are we counting down to, you ask? First, let’s talk about that fitness app installed on your phone or smartwatch right now. It’s kinda like that old shirt you bought three years ago but haven’t worn in… well, you can’t really remember when you wore it last. It was great when you saw it on the rack, and even better when you wore it the first time. You washed it and wore it again but it just wasn’t the same, and soon enough it collected dust in your closet where it sits right now. Unfortunately, that shirt is yours to keep and unlike a phone app, you can’t just delete the app and move on. Here’s the good news: the Sentiv development team is here to help you clean out your proverbial closet.

We created Sentiv – a fitness incentive app – to help you move on from that old, dusty shirt you just can’t seem to throw out. The beauty of those apps like MapMyRun, Nike+, Strava, Runtastic, and so on, is the ability to get real time feedback on your fitness. Sentiv provides you the fitness data based on your GPS location (just like those other guys), but motivates you to help overcome what mother nature cultivated over millions of years: the fact that the couch is more comfortable than going the extra mile.

What Makes Sentiv Different (and better :D)
With Sentiv, your tracked activities (running, biking, hiking, etc) all count towards winning money for beating your friends in a competition, or help to raise money for any charity under the Sun. When you’re motivated and incentivized to increase your fitness, why bother with those other apps that don’t do more than track your location?

Furthermore, we have designed Sentiv to be a social app. The more people you invite to be a ‘friend’ on Sentiv, the more potential cash you can win or the more donation pledge money you can raise. Sprinkle in a deeper way of connecting with friends and family, and you have a tremendous app you’ll keep using day after day.

Best Testers and Our Free Gift to You
So, back to the final countdown. The Sentiv team has worked hard to deliver you a free iOS/Android app by January 2017 and we are finally here. This is where you come in: we want beta testers to help us fine-tune the best possible fitness tracking/competition/charity supporting user experience we can create. Your feedback is critical to making our app amazing.

There’s something in it for you as a thank you gift*. Sign up and complete your first Fitness Game (GroupFit or CauseFit) and we will send you a free, $10 Amazon e-gift card. Spend it on whatever you want and we hope you’ll think of Sentiv when that Amazon box arrives on your doorstep.

Sign Up Today
Ok, great you’re love this idea and want to sign up? We love you for that. We’ve made the sign-up process super simple, so follow these few, short steps below and you’ll be on your way faster than you can uninstall that old, running app wasting memory on your phone.

  1. Enter your email address above in the sign up form
  2. We will send you a download link to the App Store or Google Play Store when the app is ready for download
  3. Sign up, create/join a CauseFit or GroupFit game.
  4. When the game is over, hit the ‘share’ button to share your results on Facebook. Be sure to so we can confirm. Send an email to and provide your email address.
  5. Once confirmed, you will receive an email with your free $10 Amazon e-gift card within 1-2 business days.

We thank your for your interest and for taking a chance on another new app. Our promise to you is to make sure the app is beautiful, easy to use, and keeps you motivated to reach your fitness potential!

Enjoy your fitness incentive,
– The Sentiv Team

*The fine print
A qualifying Fitness Game must include a minimum donation of $10 (CauseFit) or $10 entry fee (GroupFit). Share your experience on Facebook by using the “share” button on the GroupFit or CauseFit game and tag on Facebook so we can verify you have completed the game. Provide your email address to so we can send you the gift card directly.