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Building Independence for Adults with Autism

347 Fitlanthropists joined together and walked over 87 million steps to raise money to build independence for adults with autism. Even though we missed the goal, our fitlanthropists rallied hard to raise $8700 towards 29 Acres.

29 Acres, a nonprofit organization, is a future supportive living community in Crossroads, TX (30 minutes north of Dallas) where 60 adults with autism and other neuro-diversities will live and be supported enabling them to build relationships and feel value, success and happiness in their lives. 

A big shout out to our all-time top contributor Jatin Patel for topping the leaderboard once again and for recruiting many of his friends and family.

We would also like to thank Green Park and Golf Ventures – our generous sponsor – for making this event possible.

We, at Sentiv, hope to have continued support from fitlanthropists like you as we bring on more challenges. Together, we can pair fitness and philanthropy to make the world a better, healthier place.

Team Sentiv

Steps Taken to End Animal Cruelty

Thanks to our 135 Fitlanthropists and their remarkable contribution of over 60 million steps; we managed to raise $3,000 for The Wild Animal Sanctuary. The money raised will benefit their Wild Animal Rescue and Wild Animal Care programs in support of their mission to end the captive wildlife crisis.

Big shout out to Jatin Patel for being the top contributor and recruiting many of his friends and family to join and help out on this noble cause.

We would also like to thank PepPod – our generous sponsor – for making this event possible. Thanks to Amy from PepPod for delivering the donation check to The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Sentiv will continue to host such challenges and events and we hope we can have more amazing Fitlanthropists participate and help out in such great causes. Together we can make this world a better place through our healthy lifestyle and helping those in need.

Good, Clean Nutrition at Your Fingertips

Sentiv is excited to partner with Touchstone Essentials, a pure plant-based nutrition to unlock your full potential.

Touchstone Essentials was born in 2012 with a vision of organic goodness accessible to everyone. Getting the right nutrition is a big part of living to your full potential and Touchstone Essentials makes it very easy. They comb scientific journals and carefully cultivate formulas that put healing plants at your fingertips. It’s a difference you can see and feel. Their supplements read like a recipe for good health. Their products are filled with organic fruits and veggies, and never any toxic additives.

Learn more at

Get 10% off on your first product by using code HEALTHY10

Building Bikes for Together We Rise

Did you know? Every day, 1200 kids enter foster care in the United States.

Together We Rise (TWR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization comprising of motivated young adults and former foster youth. Its’ mission is to improve the lives of foster children in America, who often find themselves forgotten and neglected. TWR collaborates with community partners to bring resources to foster youth and use service-learning activities to educate volunteers on issues surrounding the foster care system. It strives to give foster children a brighter future, a sense of normalcy and belonging.

Last week, Team Sentiv had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of Together We Rise in Los Angeles to help build bikes for children in foster care who’ve never owned one or lost one while moving from one place to another. Earlier this year, we’d raised $2100 via Sentiv to helped purchase these bikes.

The prospect of giving these kids the joy they deserve, especially after all the hardship they go through every single day, made this a truly memorable experience for us. After all, these kids deserve the same childhood fun we were fortunate to have.

Our journey with TWR began in June when Nishant, Sentiv’s CEO, raised a $1000 from 25 supporters via a personal CauseFit by logging 350K steps in 3 weeks.  He raised $2.50 for every 10K steps. The fundraiser helped him improve his fitness and raise money for the kids. He celebrated his daughter, Anaya’s, first birthday with children in foster care supported by TWR. His contributions helped fund Sweet Cases (blue duffel bags stuffed with a teddy bear, a blanket, a hygiene kit, a coloring book, and crayons), bringing some much-deserved happiness into their lives.

In August, we designed a CauseFit challenge to further support TWR by raising money to provide bikes to be given to youth in foster care. This time, we got all our fitlanthropists (fitness driven philanthropists) to walk together in support of these kids and this wonderful organization. Over the span of a month, nearly 300 participants came together and walked a whopping 42 million steps. Through Sentiv these steps amounted to over $2100 raised for Together We Rise!

A big thank you to all our Fitlanthropists who worked hard and pushed each other to achieve one milestone after another. We are overwhelmed with the support and grateful for the collective unity shown throughout the entire journey.

With your help, we were able to fund and helped build 30 bikes. Donating our time and effort to this worthy cause backed by the money you helped raise reinforced the reason we created Sentiv – to help others through fitness! Even the action of a single step can go miles in helping those in need.

At Team Sentiv, we’re overjoyed to play our part in supporting such a great cause and community. We could not have done it without you and want to thank each one of our participants that made this contribution possible.

If you wish to donate to TogetherWeRise follow link below.

Thank you,
Team Sentiv

5 Brands that are loved for the good they do

Socially responsible brands are the first choice for many consumers and with good reason. Consumers are passionate about causes and they deeply care about issues like sustainability and the protection of our environment. They care about what goes into making the final product, where the ingredients are sourced from, and the environmental impact of creating it. Consumers also resonate with brands that have a strong, social message such as the ‘Like a Girl’ campaign that was conducted by Always. Also, if you notice, a lot of start-ups are implementing this learning in their strategies. A classic example of this is Taloma Backpacks. They developed a business model that enables people to make a difference in impoverished regions of Africa, by simply buying a backpack. Start-ups and established brands alike are adopting policies and practices that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Here are 5 crowd favorites:


The famous One for One Campaign by TOMS is the perfect example of a big brand being socially responsible. For every pair of TOMS you purchase, the brand sends out a pair of footwear or eyewear to less fortunate people in impoverished areas of the world. This campaign is more than just a marketing strategy and focuses on not only promoting the sale of their shoes but also on engaging with their customers and spreading awareness about issues that matter. Brownie points for TOMS because their shoes are incredibly comfy as well.

2. LUSH Cosmetics

Lush specializes in fresh, handmade cosmetics with ingredients that smell like they’re good enough to eat (they’re not food-grade so don’t try). But what makes this brand special is the array of causes that they stand for. Lush has a ‘Charity Pot’, a lotion that is crafted specifically for charity. The proceeds are donated to multiple, worthy causes. Their stance on animal cruelty is commendable, and they host a number of events supporting Animal Rights activists to end animal testing, the fur trade, and cruelty towards animals. Their products are 100% handmade, vegetarian, and crafted with care. What’s more, each ingredient is ethically bought from different parts of the world as they are staunch believers in fair trade.

3. The Body Shop

A brand that prides itself on their use of natural, fair trade ingredients, The Body Shop’s products are all certified cruelty-free by PETA, although not all of their products are vegan. They have been campaigning to stop animal testing for years, and have actually seen success at the policy level. They also have product lines like their Hemp Collection which raise funds for worthy causes. If you subscribe to their mailers, you will realize just how many of them are mobilizing the community for a greater cause.

4. SolarCity

SolarCity is the largest solar power provider in the US. To begin with, they’re already super green because they deal with sustainable energy. This ecologically aware brand also has a foundation which donates solar power systems to schools in South America and Africa. Doing good, while doing good!

5. Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss has been in the clothing industry since 1873. This is one brand that has truly evolved with the times. Since the birth of the Waterless production process back in 2011, the brand has saved over 1 billion liters of water! They’ve also taken up social causes like removing the stigma related to HIV/AIDS and are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. That’s truly clothing that you can live in.

These brands go to show that opportunities exist for concerned brands to do good in all areas of their business – manufacturing, product development, and even in the way they use their profits. We believe (wish) that more brands and companies go down this road. After all, nothing feels as good as giving back to society and our planet right?

Why You Should Be Exercising Outdoors

The perfect recipe for an enjoyable day – one cup great sleep, two spoons relaxation and a heaping dose of the great outdoors. Picture it now…The sun is shining bright to warm you while the breeze cools you off juuuust right. A big breath of fresh air gives you the energy you need to get your sweat on – that sweat is your badge of honor. Forget about “beating the heat” by staying indoors, getting outdoors can motivate you to exercise faithfully. Burning those calories outdoors not only helps you tone your muscles, but also has a psychological effect on you – exercise for the mind too.

One with Nature

Whether it is just a leisurely stroll outside a heavy-duty run, getting outside is good for you. A quick rendezvous with nature will revitalize you, without any distraction of screens or electronics. Set up an outdoor workout regime. It’s also a great idea to involve the rest of your family too. Have the kids play while you work out outdoors!

Awesome for your mood

There is a clear connection between spending time outdoors and stress reduction. Fresh air, especially oxygen, releases feel-good chemicals like serotonin in your body. That’s the good stuff your body needs for several functions – including sound sleep. Your outdoor exercises not only help keep you keep fit and healthy, they boost your mood to make you feel good too.

Burn more calories while exercising outdoors.

When you run against the wind while exercising outdoors, you burn more calories. You can do that when you run or cycle outdoors or while crossing the hilly terrain of your neighborhood park. Your body works harder than usual while resisting the wind.

Save more money

Gym memberships aren’t cheap but nature is free and available to everyone! That apart, how many of us have paid membership fees and never turned up for any sessions at all? So save the hassle, the guilt and save your money. Get your running shoes on and run to the park from your home – save cash on gas too.

Improved mental focus and commitment to exercise

While exercising outdoors, you deal with the continually changing environment – the weather, temperature, and the terrain are all factors to consider. When you focus on the changes around you, it is more engaging – a temporary break from your daily stress. Completing a long and challenging hike, trail run, or bike ride has an addictive quality that leaves you craving more! When you run through different landscapes you’re less likely to get bored and end up exercising for even longer than planned.

Low-impact exercise strengthens your body

Low-impact exercises such as walking are powerful to recover from intense, structured gym workouts. They increase the blood flow to help your muscles recover. This helps deliver oxygen and nutrients, keeping your organs healthy.

Moderate sunlight is helpful for your body and mind

Replace your Vitamin D supplements with the real deal – sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to increased risk to a host of chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and some cancers. Use natural sunlight to feel happier too – that’s why it’s called a sunny disposition!

You’ll Fight Germs

Gyms could be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Poorly circulated indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, according to a study from the Environmental Protection Agency. Breathe easier by simply taking your training outside.

Take a nature break

A short walk in nature during your lunch hour rejuvenates and gets you more focused for the rest of your day. Challenge yourself with a new or favorite activity, a trail run or mountain bike route, or maybe you’ll attempt paddle-boarding for the first time. A new activity will be both exciting and rewarding.

Remember this about outdoor exercising in nature ~
“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. … There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”
That’s Rachel Carson in “Silent Spring” – we agree.

Fun Fundraising – 7 Tips to Raise More Money for Charity

Raising money for charity is not as simple as it may sound. To come up with creative ideas all the time is no easy feat. Budget, time, and venue all need to be considered as well. Underneath all this administrative burden lies what maybe the most important key to a successful charity program. FUN! Fun fundraisers are likely to be more successful and produce better results. It’s simple really – happy people are more likely to give, and happier people likely to give more!

How to make your fundraising fun?

Any fundraiser is a success only when everyone feels involved, and all stakeholders stay with the idea and initiative until the end. People need to remain committed, not lose interest, and stay the course – making it fun for them is one way to do that. Here are 7 quick tips on how to add the fun back into a fundraising event.

1. Plan something fun at each stage

Participants are volunteering their time and money, so you want to keep your event light, friendly, and fun at every stage – not just at the very end. Set up small rewards, even if only pats on the back, when small milestones are crossed. Everyone will work hard to get there but plan it such that when they look back they remember the “fun”.

2. A funny reward

You know what’s the best? Seeing your boss, a parent or a very serious person do funny things or get involved in funny situations. You can incorporate that thread into your events for maximum participation. Think of the “Dunk the clown” stall at the carnival – except when your aim is right it’s the big boss man who falls into the water.

3. Photos

Speaking of seeing things, people always like to take pictures. This is a fantastic fundraising idea. Selfies and Groupfies are all the rage so give people the opportunity to turn the cameras their way with props, set pieces, or other creative situations. A creative option is for a group to dress up with a particular theme in mind. Start up the camera and make some memories.

4. Prizes people want

For your fundraising event make sure you have prizes that people will want to have. Movie tickets, a makeover, gift vouchers, discounts or any prizes along these lines pique the interest of the potential donor. The more the gift resonates with them the better. This is always a wonderful way to engage participants to work toward a fun prize.

5. Bring out the food!

This may need space, time, and effort but the results are always worth it! The people gotta eat. Bring together the best home bakers in the city and you will be amazed at how many prefer home-baked goodness over store bought goodies. Fire up that BBQ in the summer and grill your way to fundraising success.

6. Victory event

Remember that the end should be loaded with fun. Achieving your fundraising goal should be a celebration for everyone involved. This is the time to name names, recognize those who contributed, those who helped, and to show them exactly what their efforts have achieved.

7. Creative fitness-based fun fundraising ideas

Have you considered fitness-based activities for fundraising? These ideas are not only fun but comparatively easier to organize and drive better user participation. They can be done at a small scale and even rolled up into a much larger effort.

Here are some thoughts:

-10,000 Steps Challenge

Get participants excited about reaching a certain goal in a day, week or a month. When there is a visual and achievable goal ahead, users will do their best to reach it. Add up the numbers and assign amounts that go to the charity for each goal achieved.

-Host A 5K

You can organize one for your company and invite friends and family to join -whether walking or running. Have participants walk or run for your cause; record and share updates on social media to get better visibility for your event too.


Like a marathon but wetter, organize one for those who love to swim – and allow them to swim for a cause! Have interesting incentives and prizes for the winners.

It’s right there – staring us in the face this whole time – the FUN is right there in FUNdraiser. So, for the next worthy cause go for it – be serious about what you want to achieve but have fun while getting there.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using a Fitness Tracking Application

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

There is an adage, “Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going” – this is especially true for you and your fitness. The million-dollar question is, how to make your fitness a habit? Well, that’s where the fitness tracker revolution is making a significant impact. Tracking your fitness and your daily activity by using apps or wearable devices can act as both a motivator and help to keep you going. Keeping an account of your fitness routine encourages you to walk more, take more stairs and even push you to run further each week.

A fantastic way to motivate yourself to exercise is to go beyond just setting goals and tracking your progress. That’s where fitness tracking apps come in. It’s all there in your pocket, or on your wrist – that map of your running route is a powerful visual reminder of your accomplishment. That should be enough to keep you going! Tracking your fitness activity is just the beginning of helping you achieve personal greatness.

The fitness tracker is a wellness device. This is always an ever-useful application to monitor your daily and minute-by-minute fitness agenda. A fitness tracker is your coach, trainer, and best bud who calculates everything needed to push you further to reach your health and fitness goals. There’s a lot you can do with these devices – more than you may imagine.

1. Activity tracker

Count your steps and track your sleep! A fitness activity tracker is great for showing how far you have walked or your quality of sleep each night. Sometimes you spend hours on the couch without even thinking about it. Wearing an activity tracker increases your awareness about how you spend your time not exercising too. Track your water intake TOO – everyone benefits with an adequate amount of water intake. Track your intake to ensure you’ve got your hydration quota for the day or not.

2. Counting your calories

With some apps, you can scan the barcode right off the food you’re eating! In others, your food and the calories it contains are in an enormous database – all you need to do is be honest to the app, and yourself about what and how much you’re eating. Those two slices of pepperoni pizza – 340 calories buddy! So, if you grab a yogurt, protein bar, or a frozen meal, all you must do is scan the barcode and say if you had it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These apps then analyze your food intake. The massive database tracks and calculates things about all the food you eat all day. You can see what you’re eating, spot patterns, tell you what’s missing, and suggest what you need to do to supplement your diet. Once you know what you do – isn’t that a great motivator to improve your diet?

3. Rewarding Yourself

Isn’t it exciting to get cash for achieving goals? Is movie night with popcorn (Large tub – 1200 calories) tempting to you? You can tell your device and set it up as a reward for a week’s worth of achievement. Feel awesome when you achieve each goal! Whether you work better towards daily, weekly, or monthly goals, it allows you to track your progress. If you achieve specific goals or milestones those badges show up on your profile too – like your very own medals.

4. Organizing Group Activities and Challenges

Helen Keller once said, “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”-Yes, instead of doing alone it is always better to do it with a fitness partner. But what if you don’t have anyone at hand – well you can turn to your online tribe.

Track every calorie you’ve burned or that extra mile you crossed and share it with others just like you – just by using the fitness tracker! Being part of a fitness group increases your adrenaline because you push yourself into calorie-burning challenges or weekly walking step counting competitions.

Group activity with fitness tracking for any individual is always motivating as you are not only taking care of your own fitness, you are motivating others to take part and improve their lifestyle too.

5. Supporting Your Favorite Cause

Set a charitable cause you would like to contribute to. Invite others like you to be a part of your mission. Then as each of you does what you have to do to stay fit, your fitness tracker counts down towards your goal. Each milestone you cross – a certain amount of money goes to fund the cause you have set up. You, your friends, and your fitness tracker will all be working (out) towards a worthy cause. The tracker and the app ensure that the activity is logged, the milestones are checked off, and the money moves when it should – neat right?

It’s been said that what gets measured gets managed – this is why tracking your own fitness activity is motivating. You know where you have to get, you know the way to get there and with fitness tracking, you know whether you are on the right path at all times – how can you go wrong? Fitness tracking is more than just a craze, it’s a lifestyle. Is it yours?