A platform for Fitlanthropy

(Fitness + Philanthropy)


Virtual Races

Sentiv’s platform is an all in one solution (mobile & web) for your charity to setup exciting and engaging virtual fitness fundraising events.

Here are some of the things our platform is capable of –

  • Intuitive and interactive experience for participants, their donors and your charity
  • Built-in fitness tracking + wearable integration (fitbit, Garmin, etc)
  • Peer-to-Peer fundraising with CauseFit™
  • Ability to setup teams to enhance competition in fitness and fundraising
  • End-to-end registration and fee collection services

Sponsored CauseFit

Sponsored CauseFit is a unique way to involve your corporate sponsors and their employees in participating for your charity.

Sponsored CauseFit = Charitable Giving + Wellness + Engagement + Team Building

  • Sponsors pledge a contribution based on participants’ fitness (ex: $1 per mile run)
  • Participants record their fitness activities through Sentiv which gets translated to $ raised
  • Sponsor donates their pledge as participants collectively reach the fitness/ fundraising goal
  • Sponsored CauseFits can be public (open to anyone on the Sentiv platform) or private (within corporation)

In-Person Race Support

Sentiv’s mobile app allows you to support your in-person fitness event participants in a far more interactive and intuitive way.

Participants will have access to important information such as –

  • Interactive race routes & maps
  • Lodging & Transport Info for multi-day races
  • Live tracking feature to let their supporters know how far along they are
  • Easy access to race related updates from your Charity
  • Race safety and support information
  • Social media integration
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing software

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